The Pack


Maizey is a Bernese Mountain Dog/Maremma cross born Feb 3, 2016.

Maizey comes from a little farm in Wetaskiwin, Alta.

She belongs to my grandparents who own the farm where my day care is.   She is a great guard dog when they are travelling. She is jealous when my grandparents pet other dogs…not reacting viciously, but she comes and bumps up and nudges to try and get the other dogs away from them and for them to pet her instead.

Maizey is a herder and likes to lead the pack always trying to keep the other dogs from getting ahead of her on our walks.

Maizey is a calm dog when she is with my grandparents and has a sweet personality, albeit she likes to be the center of their universe.    She has separation anxiety when left alone in confined spaces and has taken off baseboards and door frames trying to get out. 

She is protective. Once in 2018 Maizey was with me (Dominika Wolfe) and I was swimming up a creek to a waterfall and all of a sudden Maizey started pulling me and the other dogs away and would not let us go further.   It was such unusual behavior for her and we ended up turning around.   We later discovered there was a bear spotted in that area that afternoon. 

She is a little loud when she first greets you and wants to sniff up close everywhere to check you out but listens well and calms right down when told that things are o.k. and is reassured of that.

Maizey is gentle with our chickens, turkeys and ducks on the farm and happy to be in the pasture with them on the farm.   Albeit gentle with live animals she is the Robin Hood of any roasts or steaks left out at her nose height…!


Born November 15, 2016, Luka is a rescue dog from Summerland. There was an ad on Facebook for a 6 week old puppy and I drove there that night and picked him up without the o.k. of my grandparents who own the farm.

Luka is a work in progress.   I was at a time in my life when I had no direction of where I wanted to go.  Luka was a catalyst for me launching my new career path.

Luka likes to wander.   He is an independent, stubborn boy who doesn’t always want to come when he is called.  He is a little aloof and gets anxious when I leave him and tends to give little yips and yaps calling me back to him.

Luka is a little nervous around older people with grey hair when he doesn’t know them.   He is a little cautious with my great grandparents who also live on our farm.


Callie was born October 15, 2017.   She is a German Shepherd/Blue Healer Cross.

There was an ad on Castanet wanting to find a home for this 5 week old pup. When I went there she was housed in a spare shed in the corner of a property.  She was amongst old machinery without her mom and all by herself at 5 weeks old.   I couldn’t resist. 

Callie is very loyal; comes immediately upon calling and always comes back to check on you when we are on a hike.

Callie has a bit of a weakness for chasing  chickens so she needs careful watching and cannot be left loose on the farm.

She is a very cautious little gal; well behaved, very loving and sweet.  She rarely needs reprimanding and feels guilty and has immediate remorse if we do have to reprimand.


Paxton was born January 22, 2019.  He is a French Bulldog who was surrendered to a clinic that I worked at.

He was 10 weeks old and I couldn’t say no as I have always dreamed about having a little Frenchie.

He is a bit of a trouble maker and thinks he is the biggest of the pack and will jump up on the big dogs to try and boss them around.

Paxton loves all food but is allergic to chicken.  He is a little escape artiest and given any chance, will sneak off to find Maizey’s food dish at my grandma’s house.

I find Paxton so funny – he makes me laugh every day.  He is the biggest snuggler and loves to fall asleep in my arms.

About Me (Nika)

My name is Dominika Wolfe and I own and manage The Wolfe Pack Dog Day Care on my grandparents farm, where I live.

I moved on the the farm in 2006 to live with my grandparents when I was 14 years old.

I love the lifestyle and after several years working off the farm I came to realize nothing could compare.

After completing a Veterinarian Assistant program and receiving a certificate I worked in a vet office for a period of time but I am now pursuing my dream of operating the business of dog day care and dog grooming as an aspect of the farm operations.